You want a DJ to play great music at your wedding celebration, right? Of course! Booking a professional wedding DJ guarantees you and your guests will have a fabulous party.

But there is much more a DJ does to ensure your wedding day will go as planned. Especially when you have your wedding abroad, where you fully depend on the expertise, knowledge and resources of local service providers.

At MOOOV Event Services we are dedicated to providing our bridal couples from all over the world the best possible all-day wedding service within the space of sound (music, entertainment and microphone services) and lights. Because we know from experience how many different parts need to be tied together, coordinated and executed correctly, to make a great party. It involves much more than just pressing the ‘play’ button 🙂

In other words, you don’t book a DJ, you book an event service!

To give you an insight of what this means, here is a brief breakdown of the elements, we’re dealing with at wedding celebrations.


A good party starts with good planning. This starts with having an in-depth talk with the bridal couple to understand their needs and desires.

With the couple and with the wedding planner we discuss the individual elements of the wedding day from a production point of view. Things like:

  • How many speakers are required for your 120 guest outdoor wedding ceremony. And where should they be placed to not hinder the photographers and videographers?
  • Is the entrance song for the bridal party long enough for all bridesmaids AND bride to make it to the alter?
  • How many microphones are needed?
  • If live musicians are performing, do they bring their own sound system or do we provide it?
  • What if a piece of kit fails? Can we replace it? Do we have a workaround?

These are just a few examples. There are many more details that all need to be sorted and dealt with in order to be well prepared for the big day.

Coordination on the Day

Team work makes the dream work.

On the day we;

  • collaborate with the other suppliers as a team, to ensure the smooth execution of the celebration.
  • coordinate with the planner or the venue’s coordinator to discuss small changes or adjustments.
  • coordinate with the photographers and videographers about which shots they want to make and when. We adjust the colours of the lights for the best results.
  • schedule time for sound checks for any musicians or singers.
  • constantly check sound levels and the quality of our PA systems.
  • control the microphones whenever speeches are happening to ensure that every word will be heard.

Managing the Unexpected

Since weddings are such complex productions, prepared over many months and coming together in one day, they are rarely free of complications. Practical issues like dealing with limited parking space while all suppliers are trying to unload at the same time, suppliers arriving late, insufficient or poorly functioning power supply, unforeseen weather conditions, delays in the planning (sometimes caused by speeches taking forever 😉), guests getting sick, etc. Whatever the case may be, we have to access the situation, adapt and find a solution. It takes experience, stress resistance and a practical mindset to deal with the unexpected while maintaining a smile on your face.

In Conclusion

Supplying music and light services at a wedding entails much more than pressing the play button. At MOOOV Event Services we approach every wedding as a World Cup Final. It can only be done once. There are no second chances. When you’re booking with MOOOV, you don’t just book a DJ, you book a professional team that is fully committed to making your wedding day the best day ever!

MOOOV Event Services provides bespoke all-day wedding services including:

  • Carefully curated and tailored music service for ceremony, cocktail and dinner.
  • Microphone control for speeches and announcements.
  • Booking musicians, bands and entertainers.
  • Supplying add-ons such as:
    • up-lights & decoration lighting
    • dance floors
    • effects like smokers, hazers, bubble machines, CO2 guns, cold sparkle machines, etc.
  • The best DJs that are available (or we provide everything if you like to bring your own superstar DJ).
  • The iconic MOOOV DJ shows.

If you like to learn more about the ins and outs of music, sound and lighting services during your wedding day, read our 7-piece series ‘Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ’.

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