DJ Maxee


Let's create beautiful moments!

“Constantly being at the epicentre of people’s fun is the ultimate reward for me 😍

Look no further for a DJ to fire up the party and add the pro touches to your special event. Maxee holds residences at The Beach House Marbella, El Oceano Hotel and Beso Beach. He can fill any dance floor and knows how to build the party from start to finish. From commercials to all your old favourites. International tunes to house remixes. Mashups and much more. His pro-mixing techniques will keep things fresh and surprise even the most seasoned dance floor experts!

  • Reliable
  • Huge passion and appreciation for music
  • Highly efficient communicator
  • Great mixing techniques
  • Excellent crowd reader
  • Engaging whilst on the decks
  • Polite and kind to all

Max has been DJing for 8 years. He has been passionate for music since a boy learning drums in school, then guitar in his teens all tied in with a love for vocal performance.

Max’s Grandmother was his biggest musical inspiration. She inspired him the most as he was growing up. She was very musical too, and tap danced and sang on stage as a young girl.

Max currently hold residencies at three major beach clubs on the costa del sol providing commercial music classics and remixes through the ages. He provides a fun and energetic atmosphere for his sets and encourages crowd engagement always.

He has lived on the costa del sol since he was 14 and so is more than familiar with all varieties of visitors to the beautiful coastline.

DJ Maxee performs at various locations throughout Andalusia and beyond!
  • El Océano Beach Hotel
  • The Beach House Marbella
  • Villa Padierna
  • Casa de la Era
  • Villa la Susanna
  • Cortijo Bravo
  • Cortijo San Francisco
  • La Reserva Sotogrande
  • Beso Beach Estepona