The MOOOV DJ Collective

Your party is unique, and so is your DJ.

At MOOOV, we pride ourselves on delivering the ultimate event experience. Our principal DJ, Alexander, oversees all event planning and coordination. However, as he cannot perform at every event, we collaborate with a select group of talented DJs based in Andalusia, Spain. This ensures that you can enjoy the full MOOOV experience at your wedding, corporate event, or any other celebration.

Our collective of DJs are all seasoned professionals with the expertise to make any party a resounding success. Each DJ brings their unique strengths, qualities, and specialities to the table. We understand that choosing the right DJ is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. That’s why we’re happy to help you find the DJ that best suits your style.

Looking to have a specific DJ perform at your event? Our ‘Superstar DJ Service’ has got you covered! Explore the possibilities of having your very own choice of DJ by clicking here.

To give you an idea of what our DJs have to offer, we’ve provided a brief introduction to each of them below:

Meet the MOOOV DJs:

Miguel Garralda

“Get ready to party!”


“Let’s create beautiful moments!”

Alexander Wynen

“Let’s make memories!”

Pedro Abaga

“Love dancing? You’re gonna love the DJ!”

Timo Otten

“Creating ambiance!”

Piers Kemp

“Any Style for Any Occasion”

Steve Altman

“Professionalism first”