Sergio Rodriguez (Proni)

Sergio (DJ Collective)

Dance like nobody is watching!

“The energy of a dance floor full of happy people is the greatest reward”

Born in London in 1994, Sergio Rodriguez (a.k.a. Proni) is a DJ and vinyl enthusiast with a deep love for underground house music as well as for funk, jazz, soul and techno genres. His passion became clear to him after his move to Den Haag, The Netherlands in 2013 where he picked up many of the skills he has today.

In 2019, Sergio moved to Spain, to the region where his family originates from; Sotogrande. Here he continued DJing in beachclubs and nightclubs and at weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Sergio has an energetic, passionate and enthusiastic personality, has a professional attitude and speaks fluently English, Spanish (and a little bit of Dutch).

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