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Do you have to end your party due to noise restrictions?

Extend your party well into the night with our Silent Disco Service. It is a fun and exciting way to deal with noise restrictions in Spain.

Noise ordinances are enforced more and stricter each year. This is especially true in Spain. We work predominantly in Andalucia, where most of the event venues are located in areas like Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, Ronda, Mijas, Málaga, and Nerja. All are pretty densely populated places.

Spanish law dictates that when someone calls the police to complain about the noise of a nearby party, the police must go there and shut down the party.

It leaves our clients, who are celebrating their wedding, birthday party, or any other festive occasion, with two options: move the party indoors or stop the dance altogether at curfew.

Both options are undesirable, so we, therefore, offer a great solution that allows the party to continue until late into the night, without interruptions while adding a fun experience for the partygoers:

Silent Disco

Silent Disco is a way to party without disturbing neighbours or other guests.

By handing out high-quality headsets to the dancing crowd when the volume needs to be turned down, they will party into the wee hours of the night while experiencing an immersive sensation of the music the DJ plays.

Everyone who has ever been to a Silent Disco party raves about how great it works and how much fun it is!

It is undoubtedly the best way to offer your guests the desired Andalusian summer night party without interruptions or the risk of a police-enforced shutdown.


  • Prevents premature or forced closing of the party
  • Prevents the party from being interrupted by moving it inside and avoids the cost of a second DJ setup
  • Provides a unique and exciting experience for the audience
  • It’s a cost efficient solution to extend the party

Exciting additional options!

Next to the above advantages, Silent Disco opens up another inspiring option. With everyone wearing an individual headset, it is possible to have up to 3 different music channels playing at the same time. The crowd can then select the channel they like most by switching a button on their headsets.

Imagine a party where 2 or 3 DJs are battling for the most listeners! Or just provide an alternative playlist in a different style from what the DJ is mixing, to cater for those guests who like that better. It is all possible with a Silent Disco!

Availability & Prices

Prices start from 10 euros per headset. When booked in combination with a MOOOV DJ service, there is no additional cost. There is a surcharge for transportation and hours when booked as a separate service.

Due to limited availability, it’s good advice to book your Silent Disco Service well ahead of time. Simply click the button below, fill out the form and you will receive a message about the availability and cost of your Silent Disco package per return!

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Quotes on Silent Disco:

“While about 75% of people aren’t sure what it is, nearly 100% of those who try it absolutely love it.”


“It’s phenomenal. Once you put those headphones on everything else goes away!”

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