Hotel Cortijo Bravo

The Perfect Wedding Venue East of Málaga

Discover Cortijo Bravo, a charming wedding venue near Veléz Málaga in Andalusia, Spain. This picturesque estate seamlessly blends rustic charm with timeless elegance, creating an idyllic setting for romantic and unforgettable weddings.

With its traditional Spanish architecture, Cortijo Bravo exudes warmth and welcomes guests with whitewashed walls, terracotta roofs, and charming courtyards. The well-manicured gardens provide a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and celebrations.

Exchange vows in the intimate courtyard, surrounded by blooming flowers and the gentle Andalusian breeze. Cortijo Bravo offers versatile spaces for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, ensuring a wedding tailored to your unique vision.

Beyond the beautiful surroundings, Cortijo Bravo’s dedicated team makes dreams a reality. From personalized wedding planning to exquisite local cuisine, the venue strives to create a memorable celebration for every couple.

Guests can enjoy an authentic Spanish experience, savouring local delicacies and the warm hospitality of Andalusia. Conveniently located near Veléz Málaga, Cortijo Bravo provides easy access to cultural treasures, allowing guests to explore the historic town and its surroundings.

Cortijo Bravo is a testament to the timeless allure of Spanish romance, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a destination wedding infused with history, natural beauty, and the vibrant spirit of Andalusia.

Our Experience with Cortijo Bravo

Year after year, we’ve found ourselves booked at Cortijo Bravo multiple times, and each occasion has been a delight. This is due to the friendly staff that’s going above and beyond to accommodate our needs. This is a particularly welcome gesture during the often lengthy and hot days at the venue.

From a wedding production perspective, Cortijo Bravo stands out for its diverse array of spaces catering to the unique requirements of each element of the wedding day. The ample event space, for example, is ideal for larger gatherings, while the intimate setting of the hotel’s restaurant room provides a perfect space for smaller, more personal celebrations.

In summary, Cortijo Bravo has secured its place as one of our preferred venues in Andalucia.