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Pro DJ Service - Any Style for Any Occasion

“Playing music that puts a smile on people’s faces and seeing their reaction is the best feeling in the world! The ability to create an atmosphere of joy during some of the most memorable times in a person´s life is what gives me endless motivation.

Piers Kemp has been DJing for over 2 decades and has played at countless clubs, gigs, weddings, bars, festivals and corporate gigs over the years. He has a deep love and passion for music.

Piers is constantly searching for new tracks and sounds that will captivate his audiences and take them on a musical journey.

Ultimately, what drives Piers is the joy and energy he feels when they’re sharing his love of music with others. Whether they’re playing to a small crowd at a wedding or performing in front of thousands at a major festival, the thrill of seeing people connect with his music and dancing the night away is what keeps people coming back for more.

  • Professional DJ that has played at countless venues and events
  • Client Focused
  • Not limited to one genre or era, no music is off limits
  • Great Mixing skills
  • Encyclopedic, borderline obsessional knowledge of music
  • Highly organised
  • Can perform MC duties if requested
  • Always positive and driven to find solutions
  • Reliable and Dependable, Once it's in the diary it's in the diary!
  • Cooperative and communicative

Hailing from the UK, Piers Kemp has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. After studying DJ Technology and receiving an HND in Music Technology and Sound Recording from the prestigious Gateway School of Music in Kingston Upon Thames, Piers put his skills and knowledge to good use by DJing and performing in some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the UK. Working for several years at the well-known Banquet Records gave him a great deal of experience in dealing with live shows and events as well as giving him the opportunity to work with some of the biggest acts in the business.

With a vast knowledge of music of all genres and styles and an ability to rock any dance floor with his energetic, groovy style Piers Kemp is the perfect choice for a truly memorable experience that will have you and your guests jumping until the early hours.

One of the most important aspects of his ability as a DJ is versatility. He is adaptable to any style be it commercial, Pop, House, Funk, Soul, Latin, Disco, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, R&B, Chill or anything in between.

A vital part of his service is having that essential discussion with you to make sure he knows exactly what you want to make the event as special as possible for you. You can expect a professional outlook from a person who takes his craft, well as the satisfaction of his clients, very seriously.

He has experience playing in multiple venues be it small bars, corporate parties, weddings big and small, clubs and pool parties so every situation is covered. If you have a need for great music at your event look no further and get in touch today!

Piers performs at various locations throughout Andalusia and beyond!
  • La Sala, Puerto Banus
  • Tikitano Beach, Marbella
  • Sunset Beach Club, Torremolinos
  • The Meeting Place, Glastonbury Festival UK
  • The Park Bar, Glastonbury Festival UK
  • The Hippodrome, Kingston Upon Thames, UK
  • Eivissa, Kingston Upon Thames, UK
  • Herbal, London UK
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