Timo Otten

Creating ambiance!

Always looking for the connection between my music and the public I have in front.”

Timo Otten is a Dutch born DJ who moved to Madrid, Spain in the late 90’s. There it all started for fun in the year 2001. The turn tables, Dimitri from Paris, Saint Germain… Well-known and local DJ’s in Madrid involved and guided him in the house scene. Here, he has been growing as a DJ, creating a very personal style.

His slogan: “Enjoy whatever U do” is an invitation to enjoy elegant house music, full of influences such as soul, disco and funk.
He can play classic house, deep house and deep tech house (club music).

An invitation to let yourself go with what’s happening around you and without realizing you will find yourself dancing to all kind of different and enjoyable rhythms.

Timo played at the most important clubs in Madrid (Mondo disco, Fabrik, Florida park), OFFsónar Barcelona, Ibiza, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and Brazil.

  • Experienced international house DJ.
  • Understanding public.
  • Refined mixing skills.
  • Passion for the music with feeling.
  • Communicative.
  • Organised.

Born in Holland, resident in Madrid and Málaga, living in Rincón de La Victoria, Málaga.
Resident at D’Sastre Club Malaga.
Promotor and dj in Discollage Madrid
Worked for Fact Madrid and Vicious Radio.

Timo Otten online:


Timo Otten performs at various locations throughout the world:
  • Week-end, Madrid
  • Mondo Disco, Madrid
  • GOA Fabrik, Madrid
  • Gran Baba, Cádiz
  • Factory 12, Luxembourg
  • Bazar, Oporto
  • FACT OFF Sonar, Barcelona
  • Labyrinth Club, Antwerp
  • Condominio Club, Iporango Brazil
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