Intelligent Lighting

Clever thinking

Take a moment and imagine a dance party with only static lights … Doesn’t it feel right, does it? At a dance party, music and dynamic lighting go hand in hand. Lighting effects increase the energy on the dance floor. That’s why our DJ shows come standard with a light show.

Intelligent lighting solutions

To take this concept a step further and to have full control over the light show, we offer intelligent lighting solutions.

A lighting plan is designed, tailored to your individual needs and wishes, and programmed to be executed by a dedicated technician during the event. In this way, the DJ can focus on playing music and live musicians can be in the spotlight like in a theatre.

The Intelligent Lighting solutions start with our standard DJ show lighting, operated by a dedicated technician, and progress to full-stage setups with dozens of light fixtures, cold fire sparklers, programmed lasers, and video mapping. The sky is literally the limit!

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