The main goal of this blog series is to provide brides and grooms with a solid set of guidelines for choosing the best possible DJ for their wedding day wherever that wedding takes place. But as a Spain based company we would like to give those who plan to get married in Spain some extra advice regarding the specific situation here.

Getting married in Spain

If you have hired a good wedding planner, then he or she will be fully aware of the topics in this chapter. But even then it is useful to take notice of the following tips and topics so you can ask your planner for personal advice.
In case you have decided to do your own planning (you are the brave kind) then I firmly advise you to carefully read the points below in order to avoid serious disappointments.

Summer temperatures

Having a ‘good weather guarantee’ is probably one of the main reasons you decided to choose Spain as your wedding destination. And you won’t be disappointed. Having a rainy day during the summer months is highly unlikely. The consequence of this is that temperatures often rise to a level that makes it uncomfortable to be outside in the sun for too long. Keep this in mind while planning your day. Here, most ceremonies only start after 5 pm to avoid the most severe Spanish heat.

On a side note, sound equipment, needed for ceremonies and receptions, should be positioned out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating.
The relatively late starting-time of the ceremony consequently determines both your dinner time as well as the starting time of the dance party. On average the dance party in Spain starts between 11 and 12 pm.

The best months for getting married in Spain are May, June, the first half of July, September and the first half of October. In early spring and late fall, the temperatures can be very pleasant but the nights get cooler and these are also the most probable periods of the year to expect some precipitation

Sound levels and permits

Having the dancing to start around midnight, brings us to the next consideration: the strict Spanish laws about nuisance. With many venues located in urban areas, there is constant friction between the desire to have the wedding parties going on until deep into the night and the neighbor’s desire to have a good night’s sleep.

In general, in urban areas, one is allowed to play music outdoors to a maximum of 85 decibels until 11 or 12pm. After that time, no outdoor sound is allowed at all.

The local police are obligated to act on every complaint about nuisance and when they come to the door, they will order the music to stop. Permanently. There is no room for discussion, no ‘Sorry mister police officer, we’ll keep the volume down from now on’. The party will just be over. And it is good advice to never, ever start an argument with a Spanish police officer.

So, this makes you wonder, right? How on earth can you have your wedding party under the starlit Spanish skies if you’re not allowed to play music outdoors?
Well, to be honest, this all depends on the location. Although many wedding venues are technically crossing the strict interpretation of the law, when having outdoor parties, they know by experience where the real limits are.

If you do your own planning for the wedding then it is highly recommended to discuss this topic with your venue, before booking.
Again, when you hired a wedding planner than he or she will give you proper advice to avoid disappointments.

Ultimately, if you like to have a good, worry-free party until the early morning light, then make sure to book a venue that is so isolated that no one will be annoyed when the bass is still pumpin’ when the bluebirds start to sing. Or, alternatively, prepare to move the party inside after a certain time to get yourselves off the hook.

Power play

In most parts of Spain, there is a distinction between what is called urban areas (e.g. cities and urbanizations) and rural areas.

In urban areas facilities like electricity, water and internet are well maintained. Meaning that no matter how much electrical power is required for all the extra party necessities like the fridges for the caterer, the extra party lighting and the sound systems, you won’t have to worry about snapping circuit breakers.

In rural areas, however, this is a different situation. In the Spanish ‘campo’ as this is called, the mains are often of inferior quality and not really trustworthy, to say the least. So if the whole circus of wedding suppliers comes rolling in and puts additional strains on the system, chances are that at some point during the party there will be a blackout.

Don’t trust anyone saying that this won’t happen, because there is just no absolute guarantee. What should be done is to simply arrange for one or two diesel generators. Nowadays, these small machines run very quietly so no one will notice them.

Mañana, mañana

As much as I love the Spanish mentality and corresponding lifestyle, I have to admit that the people from the southern parts of Spain, mainly Andalusia, tend to deal differently with engagements than most visitors are used to.

Appointments, even when they are confirmed in written agreements are not as solid as we expect them to be. This can cause a lot of stress when you depend on your Spanish suppliers.

This in itself is reason enough to hire a professional (local) wedding planner. He or she will deal with the suppliers, making sure all will be executed correctly.

A Spanish DJ

Is it a good idea to hire a Spanish DJ for your wedding party? Well, it could be. There are many very professional Spanish wedding DJs out there. There are a few things to consider:

  • Most Spanish don’t speak English (or any other languages for that matter) very well, making it harder to communicate your specific ideas and desires. Also, during the party, your guests may find it difficult to get their requested songs across to the DJ.
  • You will probably be offered a service agreement in Spanish. It might be good to ask your wedding planner to check on the content of the agreement before signing.
  • You don’t share the same musical history. The Spanish charts have always been populated with predominantly songs in Latin genres. In recent years more and more international dance music enters the charts but the majority of the Spanish DJs are not as familiar with, for instance, the ’80s and ’90s dance classics as a DJ from northern Europe would be. This does not have to be a problem, it is just something you have to be aware of.

At MOOOV Event Services we are fully aware of the importance to get the DJ that is the most adequate for your specific wedding party. We work with several international DJs from the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Argentina and of course from Spain itself.

In conclusion:

  • Plan for a late start of the ceremony and arrange for covers/sunscreens for daytime outdoor activities.
  • Check with your planner or venue in advance what sound levels are allowed/advised during the night.
  • Make sure there is sufficient and reliable power supply.
  • Be prepared to deal with the Spanish mentality of your suppliers when you do your own planning.
  • When hiring a Spanish DJ, make sure you can communicate well together.

This was the final article in a series named: “Find The Perfect Wedding DJ”. A collection of these articles is bundled in an ebook that can be downloaded for free.

About the author

Alexander is a DJ and entrepreneur of Dutch origin, living in Spain since 2015. He is the founder and owner of MOOOV Event Services, a premium DJ and entertainment service.
Being located near Marbella at the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, MOOOV Event Services is specialized in international destination weddings in Spain. With a broad network of wedding planners, venues, musicians, DJs and suppliers, MOOOV Event Services offers high-quality services to cater to any kind of wedding from exclusive boutique weddings to high-profile luxury weddings with hundreds of guests.

MOOOV Event Services is known for its signature DJ shows. The beautiful all-white DJ shows have a stylish, premium appearance. Perfect for weddings. We offer live musicians and artists as well as many add-ons like starlit dance floors and lighting effects.
MOOOV Event Services works with protocols and professional planning tools to guarantee a worry-free preparation and execution of the wedding party.
We take pride in creating a high level of confidence between us and our clients and we go the extra mile to ensure that you will have a most satisfactory experience with us.

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