The Added Value of an Event DJ

Besides rocking the dance floor, having a professional event DJ as part of the wedding team, has a number of additional benefits. This article explores this by going through the individual elements of the wedding day as they are typically implemented in Spain.


In most weddings in Spain, the ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dance all take place in the same location. But not necessarily all in the same place. Often the wedding party moves over a minimum of 2 or 3 and sometimes even 5 different locations on the property.

Because sound is needed in all these places, PA systems must be set up and taken down in a timely manner without disturbing guests.

Involving an event DJ in the planning process makes it possible to provide the most practical and cost-effective solution and avoid unforeseen complications or technical limitations.

After all, he can oversee the technical implementation of the production plans and knows how to make optimal use of his equipment.

This in itself is a good reason to book a professional event DJ service. But there’s more…

Wedding Ceremony

Since ceremonies in Spain almost always take place outdoors, it is good advice to always use microphones for the service. Regardless of the number of guests. This way you ensure that people do not have to raise their voices and that they are clearly heard by everyone.

Many wedding officiants bring their own portable battery-powered speaker, which in many cases is a useful, cost-effective but also very limited solution. Playing music during the bride’s entrance, the newlyweds’ recess, or other moments during the ceremony doesn’t sound great through these tiny speakers. In addition, it implies that the official, or someone else, should be tasked with starting and fading out those songs.

When you let an event DJ take care of all this, you have a dedicated professional on site to ensure great sound from both music and spoken word. He will continuously monitor and adjust microphone volumes, etc., so that the wedding officiant can fully concentrate on his/her task.

Providing a dedicated audio source for videographers to connect to is another big plus for having a professional on site.

Cocktail Reception

Once the ceremony is over, the newlyweds take the congratulations and the guests are welcomed with drinks and canapés. Appropriate background music is played. A professional sound system set up correctly and music playing at the right volume will enhance the experience.

When live music is booked, the event DJ will help achieve the best sound quality possible to entertain your guests.

Wedding Dinner


The above also applies to dinner music. Traditionally, this is also the time for toasts and speeches. To be audible to everyone, the use of wireless microphones is indispensable. And since most people have little or no experience using a microphone, it’s important to have someone on site to handle the volume and balance of the microphones.

Furthermore, an event DJ can make announcements to guide the wedding guests through the program.

Nowadays, many couples love the idea of creating special moments during the wedding dinner. Either by doing a ‘surprise’ dance between courses, having a musician or singer perform, or by gradually building up to the dance party, where the DJ actively mixes music and creates anticipation.

In most cases, a minimum of 4 well-placed loudspeakers are required to create a balanced sound bubble without any ‘hotspots’.

Dance Party / Open Bar


This is of course the moment when the DJ shines and does what he does best. A beautiful first dance and then build a great party, involving all guests.

If a live band is hired, the DJ can help coordinate practicalities such as access to power outlets and sharing effects lights and other equipment.

From an event production standpoint, the DJ booth, speakers and lights need to be arranged neatly and safely so that no one can trip over loose cables or get hit by a knocked over speaker.

The DJ needs to know how to keep the volume within the venue’s restrictions, and since the planner or coordinator is often gone by then, it’s the DJ who’s in charge of the last and often most wild part of the wedding day.

This goes without saying, of course, but the point here is that the planner should trust the DJ to be professional from start to finish, knowing that he is representing the venue and the planner at all times.

In short, an event DJ is your trusted partner for everything related to sound (including microphone services) and mood and effect lighting. Having one dedicated supplier responsible for all these elements during the wedding day takes the pressure off the planner or coordinator and contributes greatly to a flawless wedding day execution.

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