Alexander Wynen

Founder & DJ


Born and raised close to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Alexander comes from a musical family where everyone studied at least one instrument. He choose classical guitar and later bass guitar.

Back in the early ’80s, he started DJing with two record players behind the bar of his first jazz cafe/steak house. He got intrigued by the effects of music on atmosphere and mood. Years later he picked it up again, first on an amateur level and later on a more professional level as he was often asked to play at parties and corporate events.
This ultimately resulted in a full-time DJ career, where Alexander was quickly recognised as a very skilled wedding DJ. There are more technically skilled DJs out there, but the ability to know what song to play next to keep the energy high and keep everyone on the dance floor is ultimately what makes for a good party.

Below is a summary of an interview for Sunshine Weddings Spain:

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Everything that makes for a great party. As a DJ I’ve learned to set aside my own preferences and prejudices. Sometimes I play music that I do not particularly like myself, but seeing the right response on the dance floor makes it a joy to play.

Q: What is your favorite music period and why?

A: I like music from all periods but the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have a special place in my heart.

Q: Why did you decide to specialize in weddings?

A: After the first couple of weddings that I did for a DJ company in Holland, I was told that I received extremely high reviews. That gave me the confidence to do more weddings. And although being a wedding DJ is much harder than other type of DJ-ing, the gratification I get out of it is unparalleled.

Q: What’s it like to have you perform at a wedding?

A: I will contact the bridal couple well ahead of time to go over their ideas and wishes. I will ask them what special songs they would like to be played and which ones are ‘black listed’. We will discuss how to deal with requests and other practicalities that need to be sorted out.

On the day itself I will arrive in time to set up, meanwhile trying to be as discreet as possible. I am not the kind of DJ that uses the microphone a lot. Of course I will make announcements whenever needed, but I will not act as an MC to hoist up the crowd.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I am precise, accurate and well prepared. I like to communicate well with all parties involved to ensure a smooth execution of the wedding day.

Q: What inspires you?

A: The feeling that everything goes exactly as planned and everybody is relaxed. Then when the dance floor is full, and that first wave of ecstasy is tangible, that is when you know that you have contributed to the bridal couple’s most beautiful day in life. That’s what keeps me motivated.

DJ Skills

Dance, House, EDM (all era)
Todays Top 40
RnB & Hip Hop ('90's, '00's, '10's)
Old School Disco, Funk, Soul
Reggae, Reggaeton
Classic Rock
Hard Rock
Alternative Rock, Indie
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