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Re-live your precious moments,
time and time again

When you celebrate a party with friends, family, colleagues or customers, whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or any other kind of party, it’s always worth recording these moments to save them for later. To look back and refresh your memory.

Hiring a photographer to take photos has always been, and will always be a great way to freeze those magical moments in time.

But more and more people are opting for a videographer in combination with or instead of a photographer. And for good reasons!

Why video?

We believe that having your event filmed adds a unique element to the party. The movement and the sounds of the day will bring the party back to life long after the event, in a way that photos can’t. Re-living the emotional toast of a loved one, or the laughter of your friends is worth gold and can only be captured on film.

Another thing that is difficult to do other than with video is to make a good impression of a dance party. Photos do not capture the energy and fun of a dance floor full of happy dancing people, as video can. And because the dance party is often the highlight of the event, where great memories are made, it is so valuable to document this for the future.

Marco Vlaskamp (Aerial Dreamz) working his magic at a wedding in Spain.

A trusted partner for your video production

MOOOV collaborates with one of the most experienced and dynamic video production companies in Andalusia to capture the magic moments of your event and turn them into a breathtakingly beautiful video clip.

Aerial Dreamz lives up to its name because of its angelically inspired edits, but also because they are fully licensed video drone operators. This means that they can and will make stunning drone recordings of your event when allowed at the location of the event.

With a background in large-scale music and entertainment video productions, starting in the 90s, you can be sure that your Aerial Dreamz video will have that special VIP look.

They work with the latest generation of 4k video cameras that capture every detail, even in low light.

And best of all, Aerial Dreamz guarantees the first editing of your event within 48 hours! This allows you to share the highlights of your event with your guests and your friends on social media almost immediately!

With prices from € 1.200, this is a great way to have your own professional mini-mooovie!

Here's a taste of the WOW factor
a high-end video offers:

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