Manuela Nelom

Manuela Close Up

Queen of soul, disco, and dance classics!

  • Female vocalist
  • Characteristics: energetic, party, fun, groovy
  • Styles: soul, jazz, funk, reggae, rock, blues, disco, dance classics
  • Suitable for: cocktail receptions, parties.

On of the Costa’s most respected live acts

She’s the top funky soul jazz blues and rock artist on the Costa del Sol.
When you book Manuela for your party, wedding or event you can rest assure that you have the best entertainment act you can wish for.

Her range and variety of music has no limits, she is the costa’s Queen of soul, but funk, disco, blues and rock are also a big part of her repertoire. For the more mellow events she will present herself into jazz and mellow blues.
No matter how big or small your venue or party, Manuela and her top musicians will give you exactly what you are looking for. The variety in her repertoire is so wide, no matter what stage, big or small, Manuela will bring you an amazing show.

Her current repertoire is inspired by Etta James, Sharon Jones, Bob Marley, KC & The Sunshine Band,
Blues Brothers, James Brown & Tina Turner and many more.


“For as long as i can remember I have been singing, mainly because singing is part of the Suriname culture. In our culture we sing when women give birth, on birthdays celebrations family gatherings, for the sick people and even on funerals, we sing to celebrate life and deal with emotions.
In my family we always have been dancing and singing, we used to perform for our family members to earn a little bit of pocket money which we happily spent on ice cream or some candy.
Our public were our aunts, parents , uncles, and all the children were doing some kind of act.
Our examples in those days were of course The Jackson 5, Chic, and everything that we could sing and dance on.
Me and my sisters, nieces and nephews, but most off all my mother were very passionate about organizing “house parties”. My uncle was our DJ and that’s where my love for performing, singing and dancing started.

I have also been singing a lot with my sister Marion, we recorded our singing on a tape recorder. But stepping out on a stage to sing, happened much later when I was about 22, I was a student on the Rotterdam Pop Academy, and discovered that my singing and performing talent was quite all right. Actually my first passion was dance and in my early adolescence I did a lot of choreographies for R & B groups.

Meanwhile I was working hard on developing my singing qualities and talent, and started to perform with some bands. Like: The Amsterdam Funk Connection, The Groove Company, Hula Hula’s, The Free Soulband. I gained a lot of stage experience and with the years I started to believe more and more in myself and my talents came to full exposure.

What I love about singing and performing is the people, the crowd. I love to take them with me on a magical musical journey, to let them come inside the story that I am telling through music and bring them back to that place of happiness and good vibrations. I think I know why people go to a concert and I love to give them the vibe that they are searching for, or bring back alive their memories.

I am now performing in many clubs and stages on The Costa del Sol, with a variety of music and bands.”

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