Dance Floors

Dance like nobody is watching!

A star-light or wooden dance floor is an amazing addition to our DJ shows. It invites your guests to get up and mooov to the groove until the wee little hours! And it is the ultimate setting for a romantic first dance at your wedding! Imagine how good the photos will look with a white, black, or wooden dance floor!

Starlight Dance floors

These dance floors are made from black and/or white tiles with built-in led lights. During the night these lights twinkle like stars in the sky. It is possible to combine black and white tiles to create decorative patterns.

Sizes start from 3,3 x 3,3 meter for up to approx 30 dancers to 9,4 x 9,4 meter for up to 250 dancers.

Rustic Wooden Dance Floors

Our wooden dance floors are a perfect fit for country-style events. The oakwood-like finish creates a rustic look while providing a solid surface for a careless night of dancing.

The wooden dance floors come in sizes from 3,72 x 3,72 meter for up to 40 dancers till 9,8 x 9,8 meter for up to 260 dancers.

Contact us to discuss the right dance floor for your event.

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