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DJ & Live Music

The best of both worlds


javier playing in front of DJ Alex

The perfect combination!

There is no need to having to choose between live music and a DJ. You can have both!

The energy of live performers is unbeatable. There’s no argument here. But it has some downsides as well. Their playing time is often limited and they need to take breaks. So it is very unlikely that you can party into the night with a band for hours and hours straight.

All this is solved when you combine one or multiple live acts with a DJ. The DJ has already set the mood well before the band starts, plays suitable music during the breaks to keep the energy up, and takes over the party after the band has stopped.

Or even better: you book one of our DJ + Live Act combo’s where they all play together to create a continuous musical flow throughout the night.

Our speciality

At MOOOV, we believe that the right combination of DJ and live music is by far the best option for any party. It is the most flexible and versatile way to get the right atmosphere and to keep that going from start to finish.

That is why we’ve decided to develop a couple of DJ & Live Acts that are suitable for many different occasions:

The Campbell Bass Experience

  • Singer & entertainer Campbell Bass with saxophonist Robbie Evans and DJ ALEX
  • From jazz and swing to dance classics
  • Based on the MOOOV MAX DJ show
  • A classy experience for cocktails and dinners

The Gypsybros + DJ

  • The Gypsybros in concert with DJ ALEX
  • Based on the MOOOV MOJO DJ Show
  • Spanish moods with a contemporary vibe

Manuela Nelom + DJ

  • The Costa's queen of soul and funk playing with DJ
  • Optional vocalists and musicians
  • A guaranteed full dance floor, all night!
  • 2 x 30 min or 3 x 20 min sets within 2 hours