Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ

How to find the perfect wedding DJ?

With hundreds of weddings under our belt, in Spain as well as internationally, we’ve picked up a thing or two about this fascinating, highly stress-full and extremely rewarding business.

I’ve noticed that with so many details to consider and so many decisions to make, bridal couples are having a hard time getting their heads around the options, the impact, and the consequences of choosing music and entertainment for their wedding day.

And since the party at the end of a wonderful day is supposed to be a perfect accumulation of all you want to share with your loved ones, it is just so important to get it right!


Helping bridal couples find the best possible music and entertainment service for their wedding day

This motivated me to write the ebook “Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ”. In this book, I try to give you, the bridal couple, an overview of important things you should consider in the decision-making process. You will learn about the pros and cons of DJs and bands, about where to pay attention to when speaking with your candidate DJ and there is a whole chapter spent on all the quirky and special things to keep in mind when having your wedding in Spain.

It’s yours, for free

This book is completely free for you to download. Just click on the link below and wait for it to open in a separate window. You can then download it on your computer. No email address or anything else is required.
If you like what you see, please consider contacting us for your wedding entertainment and see what we can do to mooov your party. Or refer to MOOOV Event Services whenever one of your friends or family gets engaged and is looking for a professional partner to help them get the an amazing DJ for their big day.


Alexander Wynen – MOOOV Event Services

(10,3 Mb PDF)

You can also find the content of the ebook as a series of blog posts on our website.

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